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Costume Accessories

Hats for Halloween? Characters and Costumes in Guilford Connecticut has got hundreds!

Characters and Costumes, located at 269 River Street in Guilford is your one stop shopping destination for ALL of your Halloween costumes needs. You may already know that we have one of the largest selections of both pre-packaged and Theater grade costumes in the State, but what you may not know is that we have…

Halloween Costumes


When else can you have a day where you can be someone or something else?  Halloween is that day.    When you come to Characters & Costumes in Guilford and look through all of our costumes and accessories we’re sure you will be able to find just the right look.  We have rental costumes, period clothing…

Characters and Costumes Rentals

Medieval.Renaissance 7

Characters & Costumes is located in Guiford, Ct.  We are a full service costume shop that offers sales as well as rentals of adult and children’s costumes for sale and for rent.  In addition to sales of packaged costumes we also have a large selection of rental costumes and costume accessories such as wigs, stockings,…

Costumes & Accessories Retail Sales

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore.  If you’d like to liven up any event or business meeting, costumes and accessories are an easy and fun way to change the mood.   Characters & Costumes is a year round full service costume shop. Characters & Costumes in Guilford, Ct. has a wide selection of costumes and accessories for all sizes….

Medieval, Renaissance Costume Rentals

Medieval.Renaissance 11

 Characters & Costumes in Guilford, Ct. has everything that you’ll need to recreate that costume that will make you look like a King, Knight or Fair Maiden  or you can just be a plain stable boy.  We have  Renaissance Costumes that will make you fit right in at any Renaissance Fair  or Renaissance Reenactment. If you want to be…

Police & Convicts Costume Rentals

Police Convicts 3

There’s never a cop around when you need one!!!  That won’t be the case once you visit Characters and Costumes in Guilford.  We have a variety of police uniforms  for rent or sale. If Law Enforcement is the theme, we got your back. And, yes, that includes Sexy Police Woman Costumes as well.Maybe you are…

Character Costumes, Mascots


 Characters & Costumes in Guilford, Ct. has a selection of Character Costumes that are a huge hit with children.  What’s better than having a party for your child and have their favorite Character show up and share in the fun.                          It’s easy to do….

Tuxedo Rentals and Sales


Gentlemen, if you’re getting married, going to a prom or other event that requires wearing formal wear or if you’re looking to purchase you can get fitted for a Tuxedo, Rental or Purchase, at Characters & Costumes in Guilford, Ct.   We have a wide selection of contemporary Tuxedo styles including the Slim Fit Style. We have…

Pirate and Wench Costume Rentals

Pirates   Wenches 1

“Aaarrgh you looking to be a pirate or Wench?  Well shiver me timbers” Characters and Costumes has what you need to be ready to board any ship or attend any Pirates Ball. It does not matter whether you want to be Capt. Jack or Blackbeard. We have the right coat for a Captain or a…

Greek, Roman and Egyptian Costumes Rentals

Roman. Greek.  Egyption   1

Back in the day of the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, style was was everything. They pretty much invented the fashion, and the fact that what you wore was a direct reflection of the person you were.  Think of the Appian Way as the first runway fashion show. You did not show up to any event…